2019 Interim Legislative Update

There is supposed to be a honeymoon period when you start a new job right? When I walked in to Senate Education Committee hearing in my first hour of employment with the WCCA to observe my friend and your past executive director testify on SF49, I understood quickly the legislature wanted to skip the traditional period of harmony and goodwill and enter marriage counseling. Humor aside, although…

October Joint Transportation Report

The Joint Transportation Committee met in Casper on Monday, October 22. There were a few topics of general interest for counties on the agenda, the biggest of those being the modernization and maintenance of the Revenue Information System (RIS). This system is currently used by county clerks and county treasurers for vehicle titling, license plates, title searches, lien filing, etc.

September Committee Meetings

Welcome to the last days of summer. The beginning of autumn corresponds with a frenetic schedule of interim committee meetings. Four committees met this week right on top of each other (Appropriations, Judiciary, Corporations and Revenue). I attended Corporations and Revenue, along with several Commissioners. Following is a brief recap of those meetings.

Spring Committees, Part 2

As promised, here’s a quick update of the activities of other interim committees that have met this spring. Joint Corporations met May 21 – 22 and covered several topics of interest, including elections, open meetings, and others. As usual with this particular committee, they voted to draft something like 15 or more bills (I lost count) to look at in the fall...

Spring Committees, Part 1

Time to catch up on committee interim work for the spring. It’s been a little halting in terms of topics and attendance, so rather than four separate reports, the following covers the relevant activities of Joint Revenue and Joint Transportation. Part 2 will cover Minerals and Corporations Committee meetings.
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