We're Back!

Posted by kelli.little on April 10, 2015

By: Pete Obermueller, WCCA Executive Director

Welcome to the new blog format of the WCCA newsletter.  We’ve been undergoing rather drastic technological upgrades here at WCCA world headquarters, and this blog is another step toward our complete world dominance.  Okay, so blogs are more than a decade old by now, but no one ever said county government was on the cutting edge of technology.  I’m still proud of it.  Regardless, this is the new way we will send out information to Commissioners, Business Partners, legislators and other friends of the WCCA.  Here’s what you can expect as we roll this out: 

First, we will have a handful of options on which types of information will be sent to your inbox.  In the words of my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, there will be “have to’s” and “want to’s.”  The have to’s are things you have to see – they will include news and information that is timely, relevant, and important for every Commissioner to be aware of.  Every Commissioner and Business Partner will be automatically enrolled in this feature.  Think of it as a closer to real-time newsletter, but don’t worry, they will only be sent out when necessary.  For example, both the Wyoming Business Council and the State Board of Equalization are undergoing proposed rule changes.  The blog will be the source of news like that along with further links for you to follow.  Additionally, the WCCA staff, board of directors, and other guest writers will pen thoughts on relevant issues of the day for your edification.

Want to’s are just that...items you want to receive from us because you value the service.  These will either operate as an opt-in or opt-out service depending on the item.  For example, Gregory’s Natural Resource Update is a valuable source of news for many, but not all are interested.  You may choose to opt out of this weekly service.  Additionally, Kate in our office puts together an interesting compilation of news stories from several sources related to county interests most weekday mornings.  You can choose to opt-in to the county news digest sent daily to your inbox.

Each of these services will drive people to our website, which is a big goal of mine.  If you’ve made it this far you’ve noticed that you are on our new website now (isn’t it nice?).  My hope is that our website becomes a clearinghouse for information about Wyoming’s counties and their leaders, both for Commissioners, but also the public at large.  Additionally, if you haven’t checked out or Facebook page recently, it is up and running – like it, follow it, and get all your county people to do likewise, because it is where we will also send out relevant news stories and items of interest.

Happy reading, and don’t hesitate to call with suggestions.