Special Session Review

In a historic special session – the first since 2004 and the first entirely online – the Wyoming Legislature completed work on three bills over two days (more than 30 hours of action). Those acts are now with the Governor for final consideration. These emergency actions in response to COVID-19 address CARES Act funding distribution and necessary employer and worker protections. Each measure is…

2020 Interim Legislative Preview

The interim legislative session starts in mid-May and runs steadily through December. Management Council has established interim topics, of which relevant topics are discussed below. WCCA staff have started outreach to commissioners regarding upcoming meetings and will continue outreach as committee agendas are released. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in committee…

2020 Budget Session Legislative Recap (2 of 2)

In related action, Governor Gordon signed Executive Order 2020-1 Wyoming Mule Deer and Antelope Migration Corridor Protection and thereafter, the legislature failed HB0029 Designation of migration corridors., which would have created a process for designating migration corridors, and HB0215 Designated migration corridors – limits., which would have limited the number of designated migration…

2020 Budget Session Legislative Recap (1 of 2)

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. From my perspective, that summarizes how the WCCA team and our friends and partners reacted following my accident. I am deeply indebted to everyone who stepped up, including commissioners and staff, and especially Kelli Little, who earned her stripes and deserves your praise. The lemonade made by the team was perfectly sweet and light on tart.

May Legislative Committee Report

Storming out of the gate, the Revenue Committee started the interim legislative schedule. Hold on tight – the calendar of events runs steady through November and then budget hearings begin… For now, here is your May legislative committee report.
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